Ram ProMaster City Partition

A RAM Promaster City that is equipped with a Snoeks safety partition wall is the perfect solution for transporting cargo safely, efficiently, and comfortably. The partition wall has been specifically designed for the Ram Promaster City and therefore connects perfectly to the body of the vehicle. The clever design allows for a maximum load area due to its 3D shape and protects the driver and co-drivers from shifting cargo, even in case of an emergency stop or accident.

The Snoeks Ram Promaster City safety partition wall can be ordered and installed through our certified up-fitter network.  Upfit Partners

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Ram Promaster City Safety Partition by Snoeks Automotive

High safety standards

  • Safety partition protects passengers from shifting equipment
  • Dry and safe storage of equipment and load in the cargo area
  • High strength plastic as base material

More functionality and comfort

  • More comfort due to the reduction of noise
  • Keeps the front cabin clean, no dust or dirt coming from the load area
  • Maximized use of load area space

Integrated design

  • Seamless connection to the ProMaster City
  • Efficient 3D design
  • Matches the interior of the Promaster City



Load area dimensions

View the dimensions of the cargo area below:

Cargo Van

* Relative to the co-drivers seat with all seats in the most backward position



Safety partition Ram Promaster City dimensions