Snoeks @ NTEA Work Truck Show

Crew Van

Snoeks is always dedicated to Innovation! During the 2019 NTEA Work Truck Show from March 5th through 8th, we will display two concepts that show the innovative strengths of Snoeks, and our dedication to Light Commercial Vehicle concepts.

We look forward to welcoming you to our booth this upcoming March (booth 5851)!

Merged Perfection

Crew Van

Crew Van

A Crew Van is the optimal and attractive combination for the efficient transport of both persons and cargo for work and leisure.

The Crew Van can be supplied in various editions, from basic to luxury.

Safety partitions

safety partitions

The safety partition is a very useful accessory in a commercial vehicle. It separates the cargo area from the drivers compartment.

The biggest advantage is that it protects the driver from shifting cargo in case an accident may occur. Also, a reduction of noise can be achieved and the functioning of heating and air-conditioning in the passenger compartment is improved.