Crew Van Solution

Crew Van solution

Transporting crew to the jobsite with tools and other materials is much more convenient when your commercial vehicles are upfitted with a Snoeks Crew Van. Convenient, comfortable, and well-designed, the vans are always safely fitted by one of our certified up fitters.

The strong and lightweight construction ensures that the Crew Van has a minimum sacrifice to payload. With the choice of a comfortable 3- or 4-seater bench and a safety partition made from durable materials, your Crew Van is always ready for intensive use.

Customer benefits

Customer benefits
  • 3 or 4 additional safe and comfortable seat positions;
  • Load and tools are safe and dry in cargo area;
  • High remaining payload;
  • Underseat loading of longer items;
  • Shifting load protection;
  • Cloth covered headliner and side finish;
  • Fewer vehicles per job site;
  • Fast delivery, low price.

Target Groups

Target Groups

The Crew Van package suits many work fields. Excellent examples include landscaping, HVAC, construction, emergency services, promotional teams and cleaning services. But tailgaters and toy haulers will like this great upfit as well!